hs art service austria – Mission Statement

In 1994 we took the decision to found our own artwork transport business on the basis of more than 20 years of successful collaboration with museums, galleries and artists. Our ambition was, and remains, to deliver high standards in all areas, train our own staff and provide the possibility of joining the company in a shareholder capacity. By adopting a highly personal and individual approach to our work, we guarantee our clients a special working relationship.

The hs art service austria Group – which has head offices in Vienna and branch offices in Graz and Bratislava – became the first company in Austria to be certified under Austrian standard D-1000, which defines requirements on the transporting of artworks.

As we continually expand our technical resources, we can now point to a fleet of ultra-modern transport vehicles and expansive company warehouses of all quality levels with total usable space in excess of 15,000 square metres.

The hs art service austria Group has subsidiaries active in specialist fields that include organising and arranging exhibitions and cultural projects, providing equipment and undertaking planning for museums, letting secure warehouses with special attributes such as oxygen reduction to rule out any risk of fire, artists' studios and showrooms. There is also an insurance broker specialising in artistic and cultural insurance issues.

Our greatest motivation is to offer the best possible quality at all times along with personal and individual service.


Anton Höfler                                             Siegfried Schöffauer